Zulo Chats Early Days In The Industry & How He Lost & Found His Confidence| The Breakdown
Published 7 months ago by

Supreme Leader, Zulo recently had a chat with us about his growth in the game and how he became who he is. He spoke to us about his early days in the industry, touched on how he lost and found his confidence.

Formally known as Lil Trix, he began his rebrand as Zulo after 10 years in the game. Apart from the name change, the sound has significantly changed.

ZULO’s authentic and raw approach to music makes him the dynamic artist that he is today. His recently released EP, Talk To Me Naace is an introduction to the Zuloverse and what he mentions as the example of art imitating life. Talk To Me Naace is by far one of the most important hip-hop releases of the year, bringing power to the south of Johannesburg.


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