#ZKLIVE Episode 8: Esethu Khambule Speaks About All Things Beauty
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In episode 8 of our daily Instagram Live series, #ZKLive, we spoke to beauty and skincare guru Esethu Khambule about the adventurous and creative space that is the beauty industry. The young self taught makeup artist shares her experiences of starting out in the industry as an initial freelance makeup artist and then later progressing into starting a makeup business.

In addition to this, Esethu shares where the inspiration for makeup came from dating back to her high school days where she took art classes. Little did she know that that passion for painting would take her from painting canvases to painting on people’s faces. She also shares and gives us a few tips for those aspiring makeup artists out there on how to go about building a good makeup kit. And just to make the conversation that much sweeter, Khambule also tell us about some of her career highlights including meeting Beyonce’s makeup artist, the great Sir John.

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