#ZKLIVE Episode 5: Venusraps Speaks About Almost Quitting Music & Finally Finding Her Voice
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In the 5th installment of #ZKLIVE, we chat to emerging rapper Venusraps. The KZN native broke down her 11 year rise in the game. She touches on her greatest achievements but also the many times where she almost quit.

On why being a female rapper in South Africa is difficult, Venusraps states that there have been numerous times where she was asked to change her image and sound to fit in with the crowd and get booked.

Over the past 5 years, there has been a steady rise of new wave acts who have dominated the game. Venusraps’ rise was in conjuction with this, however, she is not a new wave artist. With regards to her position in the game, Venusraps believes that she is blazing her own trail. And this path wasn’t to her choosing because she quickly had to learn to trust her dope and the uniqueness she brings to the game.

“If we’re being honest, there isn’t anybody who is me in South Africa- male or female… it’s not because of the fact that I rap rap; how I dress, how I sound, like the type of beats I hop on, my hair, my face, my skin. Everything just goes against what we’ve known a rapper, male or female- to be in the past 10 years,” she explains.

She further touches on why making music in her native tongue is important to her because being represented has always been something she looked for in an artist. Finally, she explains why we haven’t received a full body of work from her.

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