#ZKLIVE: Designer Lebogang Mokgoko Speaks On The Fashion Industry During COVID-19
Published 3 years ago by

In this instalment of #ZKLIVE, Editor In Chief of Zkhiphani, Sizwe Mbiza speaks to Photographer, Designer and Creative Director Lebogang Mokgoko about the effects COVID-19 has had on the fashion industry.

In this extensive conversation, Lebogang speaks on how his brand NOTGOODENOUGH has been impacted by the current pandemic, stating that it has been difficult to produce as well as sell any products due to the restrictions. Moreover, Lebogang points out the lack of patriotic pride in our fashion industry from the consumers. In his words, he believes that this could be the answer to the rise in quality and uplifting the industry.

Watch the full conversation above to catch the full conversation.


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