Zeus Feni and Mizo Mclean Celebrate Brenda Fassie in Netflix Trailer
Published 2 years ago by

Local content creator, Zeus Feni as well as content producer and film editor, Mizo Mclean teamed up to celebrate the greatness of our local music icons. In a re-created Netflix trailer, the creatives chose to highlight the legend that is the late Brenda Fassie who inspired not just South Africa, but the entire world with her groovy tunes and iconic style.

In finding out more about the project, we got a chance to speak to the creators from Cape Town themselves about what inspired them to produce the trailer. With that, they took us deep into the importance of celebrating and sharing our own African stories with the world. With them, it’s all about inspiring African youngsters to push boundaries and dream even bigger than ever. So for all this and more, make sure to watch the video.

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