Yoza Mnyanda Speaks About Her Documentary, Little America
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We recently linked up with young up and coming film maker and artist, Yoza Mnyanda who spoke to us about her documentary, Little America.

Little America was a result of a competition that Mnyanda won. The Gauteng Film Commission wanted to showcase up and coming talent so they partnered with TRACE. Five Gauteng based young women successfully created short-form stories focusing on urban African music, art, food and lifestyle. These stories centered on TRACE Southern Africa’s first eventing property called #TRACERoots.

Yoza Mnyanda won amongst the 5 candidates after a public vote. She was given an opportunity to tell a funded 20 minute urban youth documentary of her own choosing. The result is an insightful documentary, Little America. The documentary is about local artists’ use of American gimmicks to sell music. The film also looks at the lack of airplay for artists who are making music that is authentic to the locale and why that is.

She spoke to us about the challenges, rewards and inspiration behind shooting this documentary.

Check out the full interview below!


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