The Yellow Tour (Part 1 – Cape Town)
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Eagle Entertainment in collaboration with Kulture Kollective brings to you Shane Eagle’s first ever independent tour. The Yellow Tour is a tour for his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Yellow’. The tour kicked off on the anniversary of the album’s release in Cape Town on the 31st August. Fans were lining up outside to see the show that Shane has been preparing for, for some time. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of performance and artistry that Shane displayed on that stage. If this first show is anything to go by, we are certainly in for an awesome and electrifying tour.

After the show, we went to Shane’s hotel room where he was having a conversation with Fred Mercury. An avid listener and connoisseur of Hip Hop. Shane Eagle spoke to Fred about how he listens to his music. The rapper told Fred that listening to his own music is easy because it seamlessly fits into his already existing playlist.

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