Yanga Chief On SA Hip Hop: “We’ve fallen victim to ourselves… there’s no message in the music”
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South African Hip Hop is one of the more consistent and prominent music genres in the SA music industry. The genre has gifted us superstars who have lived larger than life existences, changing the way in which SA music is consumed. But in recent months there has been a decline in content from musicians in general but more so, Hip Hop acts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yanga Chief shares his thoughts on the state of SA Hip Hop and what he thinks is wrong and right with it.

Yanga Chief states that Hip Hop artists have the power to change narratives but they are not using that. Adding that the music is completely measured against what is happening with the numbers and social media instead of the content of the music.

The BBAF hitmaker also mentioned that Hip Hop in South Africa has reduced itself to competing with other genres because of chasing status. “In SA Hip Hop you have to drive the biggest car and have the fanciest house and have the flyest girl. And I think that we have fallen victim to ourselves,” he explains.

Things are not all bad according to Yanga Chief’s worldview but he states the positives he’s witnessed with regards to the industry.

“But on the positive side with SA Hip Hop, I think it’s the only genre in this modern era that keeps fighting all these new genres. It’s always in the conversation. It refused to go away, he says.

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