We Officially Meet SA’s Newest New Wave Artists, Money Badoo & Sauwcy
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Money Badoo & Sauwcy are The New Wave’s latest artists & they are bent on changing the narrative around female rappers in the country

It is hard to ignore that the New Wave Hip Hop scene in South Africa has a certain look and feel to it. Artists such as Flame, PatricKxxLee, Zoocci Coke Dope, The Big Hash and J Molley have come to define this movement in South African Hip Hop with a kind of reckless abandon that is not only admirable but that is bold. The newest members to the growing fraternity are rising music aritists Money Badoo and Sauwcy.

We chat to them about their role in changing the narrative around female rappers in the country as well as why the consider themselves New Wave acts.

The duo officially introduced themselves to us with an EP titled MK ULTRA. MK-ULTRA is a 6 track offering, blending Hip-Hop, Trap, and Pop motifs, Money Badoo and Sauwcy weave a musical story about the drive behind a dream. They also touch on the complexities of relationships, and the brilliance of women with MK-ULTRA. They alternate between singing and rapping, dishing out radio friendly singles with high replay value.

Money Badoo and Sauwcy are a rare breed of New Wave rappers because they are the first females to break from the noise of the underground to receive much deserved attention. And they are very much aware of the power that they wield and of how special their rise in the game is.

“I guess why we consider ourselves New Wave is because we’ve just noticed with MK-ULTRA dropping that this is the first time we get to see two females on a Trap joint EP. And it’s not Trap that you hear anywhere outside in the world. It’s our Trap, it’s South African Trap made by South African females. And Ki think that’s what makes it New Wave- that it’s never been done before.”

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