We Get To Know Hip Hop & R&B Brother Duo, Majorsteez | The Breakdown
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Hip Hop and R&B duo, Majorsteez are the latest guests on our fave video feature, The Breakdown. They recently released their latest single, Lies, featuring Costa Titch and Uncle Vinny, a song that admittedly had plenty of people assuming that they are the fresh new faces of the New Wave movement. We chat to them about how they ended up making music together and what happened to the third member of the group.

Although they recently got major traction and grew their fanbase significantly, Majorsteez has been around since 2015. Having started out as a trio, they split from Major, who later became a lawyer and they rebranded themselves as a brother duo.  “Removing Kyle from Majorsteez actually was an executive decision that was made, I’d say by Steez and I,” Sandi says. With Steez emphasising that it wasn’t a hostile removal because Kyle didn’t really put up a fight in a bid to stay in the group.

It is difficult to ignore the bond that the brothers share, their chemistry translates even beyond the music that they make together.

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