We Checked Out Youngsta CPT’s Y?Gen Pop Up Store In Braamfontein
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This past weekend, award winning rapper and owner of expressive clothing brand, Y?Gen Apparel. Youngsta CPT touched down in Johannesburg to treat his Jozi based fans to his apparel and spent some time with his fans.

Youngsta CPT. The store featured Youngsata CPT’s label (from t-shirts to beanies and bucket hats) as well as local brands SVGod and Grade Africa.

We had an opportunity to chat with him about the genesis and meaning of the brand. He broke down the history Y?Gen, why he decided to name it Y?Gen as well as his hopes for the brand.

“I just thought it would be cool to kind of encompass that as the name of a brand just because I feel like we speak on behalf of the youth. We speak on behalf of that culture, we speak on behalf of that timeline that we come from. So for me it’s like, I have to tell a story of an entire generation of people that might not get a chance to tell the story,” he explains.

Youngsta CPT is known for his potent lyrical content and this boldness translates into the fashion. The relationship between the two is symbiotic.

“I think that fashion and Hip hop go hand in hand; they always have. So it’s nothing new that I am doing really. I think this is just an extension of the possibilities in Hip Hop,” he says.

Check out the rest of the video for more.

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