We Chat To Tebza Diphehlo About Preserving Pantsula Culture & More
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On #ZkhiphaniTV, we caught up with global pantsula star Tebza Diphehlo who chats to us about his online pantsula dance classes and the preservation of Pantsula culture and dance.

Pantsula dance is one of South Africa’s many original dances and sub-cultures, with its roots heavily embedded in Kwaito music. Locally, Pantsula dance is considered the official dance of Kwaito music, however, the dance has since evolved into a dance and sub-culture that accommodates all genres of dance music.

In this interview, we speak to Tebza, who has danced around the world, including the Redbull Dance Your Style final in Paris in 2019 where he represented Pantsula on a global scale. Tebza tells us about Pantsula dance’s standing in South African culture, as well as his online dance classes which he has started hosting due to the current state of the world. Moreover, Tebza lets us know why he thinks Pantsula culture is under-appreciated in the country and not much is done to preserve it.

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