WATCH: Zulu Mkhathini Speaks On His New Song with Moonchild And Clothing Line
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Zulu Mkhathini has finally dropped Shikisha feature Moonchild Sanelly. The track is a Gqom banger that he hopes will shake-up the dance floors this summer. Zulu aims to make a statement with the song as he dedicates the song to every female and motivates them to be free in their skin.

We trying to change the narrative of what South Africans can and can not do

Zulu also shed some light on his former group members from Dream Team, Lusaso Ngcobo and Trevor Sineke about them possibly working together and collaborating on his upcoming Album.

So I haven’t really touched base with Dream Team on that. I know Saso was suppose to be on it. I reached out to Saso, I think about a month and a half ago. I was like ‘Yo I got this perfect song that i think you can come on and just lace on it.’ and he is like more than willing to.

Said, Zulu Mkhathini. He spoke further about the future of the group with him being a part of it and possibly reuniting.

Trey is also cooking some beats, I was like ‘Yo Trey ‘ao shaye some beats, this is the vibe we dealing with.’ But there is no Dream Team collaborations cause also we just try to build our own spaces. They also working on their own music, you know, as the two of them. So they need to create their own sound as a duo and make sure they soilify it.

Zulu added.

Zulu Mkthatini also touches on his clothing line Zulovski and tell us how the name came about.

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