WATCH: The Making Of Ami Faku & Wichi 1080 Collaboration For “Sondela”
Published 2 years ago by

Check out the making of “Sondela”, an unlikely but very beautiful collaboration between Ami Faku and Wichi 1080. This collaboration is for Smirnoff‘s On To The Next Beat EP.

We get a behind the scenes look at the making of this hip-swinging contemporary love ballad by Ami Faku and Wichi 1080.

Both being on different ends of the sonic spectrum, this collaboration was bound to be an eyebrow-raiser. With Ami Faku being known for her soothing, mellow vocals and Wichi 1080 being known for his banging 808 trap beats, this collaboration works so beautifully in the most unexpected way.

Check out how these two talents got together to create this one of a kind song. Watch the video for more.

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