WATCH: TDK Macassette Explains Exactly What Domoroza Means
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We recently met up with TDK Macassette who spoke to us about her new single, Domoroza. The Gqom Barbie dropped the single on the 13th of July and the excitement she created around it was impressive. She went around and taught people how to do the dance during the #domorozachallenge and shot the music video for it.

We asked her what Domoroza means and since we are not privy to KZN slang, we asked what it means. “Domoroza basically means acting stupid, acting funny or having fun, being yourself,” she says. What inspired the song is that she wanted to show her funny and goofy side and show people that it is okay to be yourself. “I felt like why not create a song, even make a dance where everyone is literally themselves,” she quips.

She also spoke about her relationship with DJ Cndo with the popular DJ being one of the first people to give her the platform. Before telling us the story behind how DJ Cndo belielved in her craft, TDK praised the DJ’s big heart. “She is that girl that gave me each and every platform where she was booked where I went and pushed Gusheshe, ‘cause that was the only song I had then.”

The music video made its debut on MTV Base on the 20th of July which is a big deal since this is TDK’s first ever music video. Much like TDK’s personality, the video is fun and light-hearted and sees TDK acting goofy with her friends.  She explains that this is what she intended the video to be about.

The video is set to drop on YouTube sometime this week.

Check out the rest of the interview below!


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