WATCH: Tamia Chats Her Tour In SA and Learns How To Say “Z’khiphani”
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International legendary songstress, Tamia was in the country this past weekend and she put together amazing shows for her South African audience. She toured the three major cities in the country, starting in eJozi and ending off in Mother City. If anything at all, this 3 city tour proved just how much love and adoration Tamia still enjoys in eMzansi.

Speaking of why she always finds herself returning to our country, Tamia had this to say:

“As a performer you only ever ask to go where the love is. There’s so much energy and so much love for my entire body of work that it just feels so good. When we can make it happen, we definitely want to get here.”

Tamia’s music is enjoyed by both old and young having being covered by new school artists such as American born Childish Gambino and Kehlani. “It’s cool to see that the music sort of transcends through the generation”, she expresses.

She also touched on her new album, Passion Like Fire, which also happens to be her 7th studio album. “I call it Passion Like Fire because I’m still very passionate about the music as I was with the first Tamia album,” she expresses.

Towards the end of the video, she learns how to say the trusted slang word for “what’s up”, “z’khiphani.

Cav’ the rest of the video!

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