WATCH: Sphaka Plans To #GrowSouthAfrica Through The Internet
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As part of our on-going #GrowSouthAfrica campaign, it is only fitting that we speak to the youth of the digital age. We sat down with Sphakamiso Ngonyama, who is well-known for his hit internet reality series called “Microwave Boys”. Sphaka is also a well-known figure in the Zkhiphani Streets, you’ve seen Gate Crash Right?

Being a digital entrepreneur, Sphaka is highly dependent on data and the internet infrastructure. He firmly believes that making data prices and internet access affordable will improve the lives of South Africa entirely. Furthermore, saying that the improvement in data prices will help alleviate poverty and unemployment amongst the youth. Beyond the bad rep that social media has gained over the years, Sphaka believes that there is a lot of good that the social media platforms could do.

Conversely, with every challenge comes an achievement. Sphaka applauds the government for what they have managed to achieve since the implementation of democracy. He emphasizes that Black South Africans are not at a better place. A place where they have access to facilities which were once meant for the white race.

In conclusion, Sphaka challenges the government to improve the data situation so that South Africa can compete with the rest of the world on the same level and improve the distribution of our resources and talents. Watch the full video above to get the full story from Sphakamiso. Leave a comment below letting us know how you plan on growing South Africa.

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