WATCH: Sepideh Mehraban Tells Tales Of Complex Histories Through Art
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Iranian born artist Sepideh Mehraban is documenting the similarities of post-Apartheid South Africa and Post Revolution Iran through her Art.

Sepideh Mehraban has been living in Cape Town, South Africa for over six years and is currently pursuing a PhD in Fine Art at Stellenbosch University. Living in South Africa over the past six years has made Sepideh conscious of the many similarities between this country’s current political turmoil and that of her homeland Iran. Both these countries have complex histories marked by trauma.

Sepideh Mehraban uses traditional Iranian rugs and old newspaper clippings as a canvas to depict her messaging. She has enjoyed backing from the likes of Nandos and the Speir Art Trust over the years which saw her work being exhibited across the world.

“Spier Art’s Trust has been one of great supporters of my art and it is a great honour to be part of the Nando’s art
collection. I am looking forward to many more collaborations and grateful for your support.”

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