WATCH: RudeBoyz on pioneering Gqom and new music
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They also chat about their story.

Andile T & Masive_Q. from Mt Moriah, from outside Durban township of Kwamashu, lived next door to each other when they pioneered the new movement of Gqom, they started creating together in 2012. Their music weaves through rhythmic and raw sounds, evolving from ‘90s Kwaito, house & hip-hop beats, from the hazy origins of what is now known as Gqom.

Although new to the industry, RudeBoyz have piqued the interest of many international acts including UK’s Goon Club Allstars who have released their first ever vinyl EP (Rudeboyz EP, released in 2015), as well as other platforms from Radio Cómeme to Dazed Digital sharing their story and showcasing the gqom wave of hypnotic layers of driving, intense, gratifying and slow-burning rhythms.

The Gqom wave has since its inception been clouded by a lot of speculation with regards to who pioneered the sound. RudeBoyz insist that they are the ones who are behind the Gqom wave.

Rude Boyz were the first to release a Gqom EP…we were the first guys to come up with that sound

Says Andile T.

Watch the video above for the full story.

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