WATCH: Romz Deluxe Is On A Mission To Rebrand The Township
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Romz Deluxe is a Sharpeville Native and activist that is on a mission to change the perception of Sharpeville. We spoke to Romz Deluxe about his plans to change Sharpeville for the better and his opinions on the current state of the nation ahead of the 2019 elections.

Being from a place that has experienced a tragedy and mass killings, Sharpeville has only become known for the massacre in 1960. Every year since, on the 21st of March, the country and the world remembers this tragedy that took place in Sharpville. However, no one remembers nor recognizes the Southern Township of Vaal for anything else.

Romz is on a mission to change that and reclaim the glory days of Sharpville. Changing the public perception is at the top of his objectives through his annual event called “Sharpeville Food Festival”. In his own words, he aims to “Rebrand the township of Sharpeville through this event.” Furthermore, Romz says that the township is in need of rehabilitation and reinvestment. According to Romz, this would allow the residents of the Township to invest in their neighbourhood and grow their economy. Go to for more information.

Check out the video above to hear more on what Romz has to say about growing South Africa and Sharpville into a better place for now and the future.

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