WATCH: Nicci-Lee To Use Unity And Education To Grow SA
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We recently sat down with Nicci-Lee Watson, a youth motivator, a public speaker and an actress. Nicci-Lee spoke to us about her youth initiative involving High School Scholars, where she guides and councils them into making the right career decisions by selecting the right subjects and to assist in cultivating an attitude of excellence within the students. Her main mission is to grow South Africa.

In the light of education being the key to success and prosperity, Nicci-Lee expresses to us that things that create doubt and uncertainty in the general public are inconsistencies. She said, “If the government can put in policies that basically guarantee me [the public] that I have these opportunities and their policies will see me through then I’ll be more secure in voting…” Furthermore, Nicci-Lee states that as a nation, South Africans should be more loving and deal with issue as well as look at them from a loving perspective.

Moreover, Nicci-Lee focuses on the greatness of the country by looking at the infrastructure that we have, from the well-constructed roads to the beautiful contemporary architecture that can be seen the streets of Sandton CBD. She says “It’s easy to complain about service delivery and things like that but just go to your neighbourhood… I’ve seen Neigbourhoods cleaned up… I’ve seen jobs created where there weren’t any.”

Check out the interview to listen to more of Nicci-Lee Watson’s views on the current state of South Africa and its future after the 2019 elections.


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