WATCH: Multi-Talented Bergie Fresh On #GrowSouthAfrica
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We recently sat down with Bergie Fresh as part of our on-going #GrowSouthAfrica campaign to urge young people to register to vote. South Africa has a large amount of youth are now eligible to vote and exercise their democratic right so this campaign aims to highlight the importance of voting.

Bergie Fresh is well-known for his rapping and music, as well as his affiliation with skit comedians TaFire and Fash Ngobese. Being a product of the internet and the digital age, Bergie dwells on the importance of this infrastructure. Like his peers, the Internet is a much-needed service in the growth of South Africa’s development.

Watch the full interview above to hear what Bergie Fresh has to say about registering to vote, the future of South Africa as well as how he plans to #GrowSouthAfrica using his skills, knowledge, and music. Let us know on the comments below how you plan to grow the country for a better future.

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