WATCH: Lebo M Chats How He Worked With Beyonce On “Spirit”
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We sat down with renowned and accomplished music composer, Lebo M who played a major part on the score of the iconic film, The Lion King which was released 25 years ago. He reprised his role as one of the chief composers of the music in the remake of the iconic movie. We spoke to him about the music of the film, working on Spirit alongside Beyoncé as well as the red carpet photo at the movies LA premiere.

Lebo M worked on the music for the score of the film alongside original composer Hans Zimmer. In addition to Circle Of Life/Nants’ Ingonyama, He Lives In You and Mbube, Lebo M worked on one additional track.


He explains that when he first received it a track titled only as “Track 14” he knew it must have been the hushed Beyonce song. This song was not meant to be part of the movie soundtrack but instead was part of the curated soundtrack titled Lion King: The Gift. He worked closely with Beyonce to make sure that the song carried the spirit of the movie.

“I got a call from Hans saying we’ve got this Beyonce song, it’s done but it needs to be aligned with the movie. I said send me the song. Got the track, got my engineers here in South Africa, wrote the top end of the song…

So I worked Spirit specifically for the movie. Finished that and director, Jon Favreau, who was brilliant, said there’s a song that Lebo M did with Beyonce… and that was before the track list was announced.”

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