WATCH: Fash Ngobese Talks Digital Age and Living in SA
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With the new year well away, it is only right for us to touch base with the movers, shakers, and tastemakers of the industry. We spoke to Fash Ngobese, an internet star famed for his thought-provoking and nostalgic comedic skits, his catchy rhymes and his presence on the socials.  We had to find out from him what he is planning for the new year and how his current state of mind.

Fash spoke to us about his utopian world where every corner would have access to the internet/WiFi. Conversely, Fash reckons that the internet is powerful and can be used to uplift a community. He further imagines all the townships in South Africa having access to the internet. Furthermore, he suggests a system that would allow people to view their taxes and how they are being spent. Fash is not only a funny guy but someone that looks at society critically. That’s exactly what his online videos do, challenge society. Moreover, Fash states that we should live with the times as South Africans and lead a more digital life. This comment may be backed with criticism, however, Fash knows how to back it up well.

This conversation also dives into issues of racism where Fash still feels like it is as alive as ever.

Check out the interview to see what Fash Ngobese has to say about living in South Africa and the Digital Age.

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