Watch EP 5 Of Smirnoff #OnToTheNextGamesNight | Wichi 1080 & Don Design
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On episode 5 of the Smirnoff’s electrifying game show, On To The Next Game Night, multi-talented fashion authority Don Design proves he has the know-how on  South African Pop culture. He is teamed up against undeniable producer, Wichi 1080. They go head to head to put their knowledge of South African youth and pop culture to the test. Watch as DJ Doowap bring these two cultural leaders together to go head-to-head.

Smirnoff Games Night, a six-part online celebrity quiz show hosted by DJ Doowap. The show pits top South African personalities up against each other in a series of hilarious games on South African pop culture.

A universal game show concept which is trending globally, this is the first time a similar short format celebrity quiz show has been produced in South Africa. The show will see guests going head to head on three rounds of trivia, from Multiple Choice to Fill in the Blanks and True or False, on everything from music to art, fashion and general knowledge.

Smirnoff is excited to bring the Games Night experience to SA across all social media platforms. During this time of Covid, the shows will bring a lot of fun to the home viewing experience and really embody our philosophy of having fun together as we move #Ontothenext. With her energy and personality, Doowap is the perfect host,” says Jessica Davis, Smirnoff Marketing Manager.

Note: All production relating to the creation of Smirnoff Games night followed strict COVID-19 protocols as set out by National Disaster Management Act and its regulations.

 Not for Persons under the Age of 18.

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