WATCH Dr Malinga on hosting No Excuse, Pay Your Papgeld TV Show
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Dr. Malinga on why the issue of child maintenance is close to his heart.

As we recently reported – Dr Malinga will be the new host for No Excuse. Pay Your Papgeld. He will be bringing a new flavour and touch to the show. Fathers must not be misled by his playful appearance, Dr Malinga has a balance of objectivity, warmth and firmness about him viewers will appreciate.

We met up with Dr Malinga on the set of Papgeld and had the privilege of having a quick chat with him about his new venture in the world of television.

From the previous presenter, what I’m bringing that’s different is that I’m Dr. Malinga. He did a great job but I don’t know why he left the show but I’m here now and I’m taking over as the host 

As a father himself, he is on a mission to change society.

I want to kill this thing of fathers not being there for their children. So I joined this movement to encourage fathers to not run away from their children.

He says.

Dr Malinga got his first break in 1998 when Phumi Maduna of Cheek-to- Cheek was singing for a promotion outside a Furniture shop, gave him a mic to sing while she was taking a break. Then he became one of those guys who sing outside furniture shops, enticing customers to buy.

The new host takes his advocacy role very serious, as a father himself he wants to encourage men out there to be active in their children’s lives not just by paying Papgeld but also making a positive influence in their upbringing.

Watch the full video above for the full story.

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