WATCH: D.EE XCLSV On Why He Decided To Sign To Universal Music Group
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On Friday the 20th of July, Dee XCLSV took to social media and announced that he signed to Universal Music Group. The record label has proven that it has a keen eye for new talent; it secured big talent over the past couple of months. We were there and managed to steal a minute of his time.

Dee XCLSV first caught our attention when he was the Vuzu hip hop show, The Hustle. He has since made an impact in the industry with his unique brand of hip hop. With hits like Flex Life featuring Kwesta and his close affiliation with acts just as talented as he is, Dee’s industry take over is one story we want to keep a close eye on.

“So basically I have a licensing and publishing deal with Universal so they’re licensing a couple of my next songs starting with this one, Hotel Room Flow.”

The song is about his journey in the music industry so far from his time on the Hustle. “It’s basically a song for my fans that know the whole story.” Hotel Room Flow is something different from what we have heard from the rapper. The rhymes are reflective and vulnerable and see D.EE giving us an insight into his journey and what is keeping him motivated.

Check out the rest of the interview below!


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