WATCH: Big Star Breaks Down New Album, Me & Mines
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We recently attended the listening session for Big Star’s debut album, Me & Mines. The event was open to the media, close friends and family and we got a preview of the overall story of the album. He spoke to us about naming the album, the sound he went with as well as the album art.

Me & Mines, dropped almost a week ago and looks set to make the right kinds of waves in the South Africa hip-hop scene.  As the title suggests, the album touches on topics such as growing up, friendship, kinship, fatherhood and the “good old days”.

He has paid respect to his past and now is moving forward with an album that at once sounds like classic conscious hip-hop.

“Yho, my album, Me & Mines man! This is a trip, I’m taking people on a nostalgic trip; taking them back to music that you can’t forget. It’s a project about the one weekend in my life,”

he says

 From the start to the finish, this project is seamless and tells a comprehensive and relatable story. And to be honest, for a debut album, this 12 track offering is worth the fuss!

“Me & Mines is about to bless the nation with some variety….can’t wait to see the people react to the type of music I love making.”

Me & Mines is available for streaming and purchase on all major digital stores.


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