WATCH Beauty Meets Technology With Nix & Tee Pampering
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WATCH Nix & Tee wellness and aesthetics pampering.

When it comes to the world of splendour, these words – ‘beauty aesthetics’ are often affiliated with nip and tucking. There are misconceptions about what medical aesthetics are and how they differ from regular beauty treatments.

Well, I tested that theory when I visited the Nix & Tee wellness and aesthetics branch.

Situated in Dainfern, Johannesburg, the centre was founded by Nicolette Wepner and Turid Stacey who offer various treatments for individuals with specific needs.

My day at the clinic involved receiving a Lymphatic drainage treatment which is a targeted detoxification therapy that boosts the body.

Watch the full video above as Stacey explains the procedure in detail.

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