WATCH: Anthony Hamilton Speaks About Latest Album & His Love For S.A
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We recently attended the Anthony Hamilton press conference ahead of his Woman’s Day shows in the country. This is not the first time that he has blessed our shores as he has been here several times before. DStv hosted a press conference for the multi-award winning Soul artist where we asked him about his love for South Africa, his thoughts on Aretha Franklin’s passing as well as his other interests.

Although he has been in the country before, this time around the reason for the visit wasn’t just the music though. Instead it was more on his humanitarian side. “We visited some of the orphanages, loved on the kids and gave our support. We came here this time to really bless the people with the music from the new album.”

He spoke about what he finds charming about South Africa and how he always finds himself here.

“I like it here because I see so many people that look like me.  That look like me, my family, my cousins…”

He even learned how to speak a little isiZulu to show how much he loves his fans here in South Africa.

He also spoke about how Aretha Franklin’s influence and how her music and legacy influenced generations of musicians such as Fantasia and Jazmine Sullivan. Check out the interview.

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