WATCH: A Look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series with Maps Maponyane
Published 2 years ago by

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series we got a special insider look at the new range of stylish smartphones and all their amazing features with none other than Maps Maponyane.

The Samsung ambassador takes us through the latest features such as the popular new Director’s View feature which essentially puts all the creative power in your hands. It offers the user three different types of angles all while shooting and actively recording their content which, like the feature’s name suggests effectively turns you the user into a director.

Additionally, we also take a look at the Single Take feature which essentially captures all those amazing moments shot within a ten second video. The technology makes use of its AI capabilities to automatically select and highlight the best moments from the clip through photos and short gif like videos – thus allowing you, the user to never miss a beat.

On top of that we go through the wide range of stunning designs on offer, as well as the forward thinking payment plans that are now available for fans who want to get their hands on the new smartphone but don’t want it through contract.

So for all this and more make sure to check out the video above.

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