Tshego Chats His Amapiano Songs & His Upcoming Sophomore Album| The Breakdown
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Tshego weighs in on Amapiano’s influence, especially on his upcoming project as well as the Hip Hop vs Amapiano debate

Tshego is known for his crooner status and his ingenuity and his knack for jumping on signature Trap-R&B sounds, a space he has owned for years. He recently released his 3 track EP, 3 Piece which follows up the runaway success of his 2019 debut album, Pink Panther. We recently had a chat with him about 3 Piece and what he wanted to do with the project. He spoke about how he feels about Amapiano and where he sees the genre growing towards.

We asked him if his EP 3 Piece is a set up for the album and he confirmed that he is currently exploring the African sound. “My music has been based on Hip Hop, R&B and Trap, right now I am putting this aside. I want to do something different, you know, I want to feel excited again as an artist,” he explains. He also adds that with the upcoming album, the sound is going to be home brewed and will definitely sound more South African.

Sharing his thoughts on Amapiano, Tshego says that the emergence and popularity of the genre is what made him want to dabble in a more South African sound. “this is something that we own as South Africa. No one can take this away from us. So let’s celebrate it. Let’s build entities or sounds around it.”

Tshego has also shared that he has featured on a few Amapiano songs. “I’ve got songs of my own whether or not I will release them is yet to be seen,” he exclaims.

Closing our chat off, Tshego spoke to how Hip Hop was the future versus Amapiano being the future right now. “Hip Hop was never really ours. Maybe the messages were ours, cool, but the genre within itself was never really ours. We could never claim it. But Amapiano, regardless of what genre you’re in, as long as you’re South African, you can claim it!”, he explains.

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