WATCH: “A Week Ago” Singer Finally Speaks Out About Beef With Aewon
Published 4 years ago by

“A Week Ago” was the hit the propelled Aewon Wolf‘s stardom to the next level. It was the hit that defined his career. However, there is a back story that we are not aware of. While we were at the Kasi Food and Drinks Festival, we met Tribal who is the one singing the “A Week Ago” hook.

Tribal has been on the scene for some time. His collaboration with Aewon was meant to put him on the map as it did with Aewon. This was not the case. According to Tribal, his collaboration was not recognised. Aewon decided to take the song on the road and perform without Tribal who is the one who gave him this hook. Furthermore, Tribal says that he fell into depression because of this. The pressures of the song doing well got to Tribal and he was not in the right state of mind. He explains his quarrel with Aewon to us in this interview above. Moreover, the two artists are from Durban so this adds to the tension.

Tribal is trying to find his way back into the game once more. With no prior plans of becoming a musician, he plans on doing it right this time. He further mentions his latest collaborations with Khuli Chana and many more. Stay tuned to Zkhiphani TV, we will bring you more of this exclusive story.


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