Touchline Chats The Biggest Lesson He’s Learnt This Year & Being Innovative During The Pandemic
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Like it or no, 2020 was an unconventional year for all of us. But more so for music artists who rely heavily on performances for an income. We chat to Touchline about how he year has been and what lessons he took from living during a global pandemic.

I think I learned a lot this year, like taking time out.  I know it might be cliché under the circumstances but I’m a creative and I’m a person who is always doing something… so I think what 2020 did, obviously with the pandemic, it made me take a step back and do the things that I want to do and necessarily because they must be done. It’s like I’m taking my time with every single decision”, he explains.

He also explains that he had to learn how to adapt to the changing landscape of the world, dubbing it “the era of content creation”.

I’ve had to modify my process… Sometimes it’s not going to be about the music that’s gonna do the thing. You’ve got to create something outside of it. Infact you’ve got to create your own online show. You’ve got to create a system where you can connect with your fans online because you cannot see them anymore”, he says.

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