Touchline Chats “Abafana Aba Hot” Collabo & Why He’s Not Continuing Pro’s Legacy
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Touchline is undeniably one of South African Hip Hop’s most exciting and promising voices. The Tembisa rapper, real name, Thabo Mahlwele, has been steadily raising his profile in the game by being consistent with the music. He recently released a new single alongside veteran rapper, K.O titled Abafana Aba Hot. He chats to us about how this collabo came about as well as what the song represents for him.

What separates Touchline from his contemporaries is his love for his hood and preserving the stories of the place that birthed him within his music. Something similar to what the late Pro Kid did with his Kasi rap movement, an arm of South African Hip Hop that is still alive and well. Touchline doesn’t believe he is furthering this narrative with the music that he currently makes. Instead, he says that he is in his own lane and trying to create his own legacy.

“Everybody has their own race to run. Pro ran his race and it’s still going on. I think what he has created is a mark in SA history so much that people like me, we’ve picked it up and ran with it. But in that, that’s just the beginning, “ he explains.

“We’re gonna modify whatever the OG’s have done but we still have our own story. We still have our own ambitions and our own intentions. I never really think about taking something that someone else has done and sort of like, looking to continue that,” he continues.

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