Thread Thursday: A Chat with Haute Afrika Founder, Gracia Bampile
Published 8 months ago by

This Thread Thursday we had the exciting opportunity to sit down with successful fashion entrepreneur and founder of Haute Afrika, Gracia Bampile.

The vibrant creative who has always had a flair for fashion holds nothing back when it comes to her eye for style. Whether it be drawing inspiration from everyday living and surroundings or simply thinking of the latest designs, it is Bampile’s undying inquisitive creativity that ensures that she never fails to push the envelope when it comes to creating even better collections.

As a designer who one day dreams to see more African brands represented on a more global stage, Gracia is always on the look out for ways to showcase Africa in an authentic and inspirational way. But of course what is an entrepreneurial journey without a few hurdles along the way? In the interview, Bampile also breaks down some of the challenges she faced on the journey to success along with some valuable lessons she learned. So for all this and more, make sure to watch the video.

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