This is What Londie London & Gigi Lamayne Think About AKA’s New App
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We attended AKA’s App Launch last week and it was a glorious affair as we celebrated what is essentially the first deal of its kind. As you know, the multi-platinum selling artist collaborated with Vodacom to bring the masses a comprehensive look into his lifestyle.

The Beam App gives us insight into his music, his time spent with his family, his life as a businessman as well as his normal everyday self. AKA had this to say about why he created the app:

“I want people to see my interaction with my daughter, with my family… I’m at a very great and a very motivating place in my life so right now, there has never ever been a greater time to look at my life and what happens behind the scenes”.

We asked if having an app as a Hip Hop artist in South Africa was viable and this is what Londie Londie and Gigi Lamayne had to say about it. Gigi Lamayne spoke of how great of an achievement AKA’s app is as it legitimizes Hip Hop artists while making their influence credible.

“I think a lot of people have been looking forward to it and I think that it is something that is great for the movement, for Hip Hop. I think it’s time that Hip Hop claimed its position as a space where people can trust us as influencers who are in the Hip Hop movement to inspire young people and that is exactly what AKA is doing.”

Londie London expressed how smart she thinks the app idea is an artist as most people get distracted by Twitter timelines and Instagram feeds.

“He is one of the biggest artists in SA so I feel like if he is creating another way to connect with his fans its amazing; because every artist needs such as thing where you can connect with the artist individually.”

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