We Get To Know SAHHA Nominated Hip Hop Artist, Nelz | The Breakdown
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Contrary to popular belief, female rappers in the country are not few and far between. Without exploring the politics regarding the position of rappers who happen to be female, we only get exposed to a select few who are bold and persistent enough to push through the noise. Rapper, Nelz, is one such artist.

Having kicked off her career on the popular Hip Hop reality show, The Hustle, back in 2013 Nelz has spent the better part of 7 years defining and redefining herself. Nelz was top 7 on the show and being the last female standing. Her standout feature being her grasp of Hip Hop and a penchant gift for stroytelling, something she admits may have been infleunced from her days as a poet. 2019 saw Nelz becoming part of the Sportscene family, releasing her 8 track EP, Thuggie. Her latest single, Kasitaliano better represents where Nelz currently is with regards to her sound.

We chat to her about her evolution as an artist and shedding the reality TV star persona to come into her own.  She also shares some of the valuable lessons she’s learned since leaving the Hustle and putting into context her evolution as an artist.

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