Sphaka Gate Crashes Sneaker Exchange – Episode 6 of #GateCrash With Sphaka
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Sneaker Exchange is always the Mecca of Streetwear and footwear in SA. The most coveted and exclusive sneakers are found and traded on these grounds. In the Johannesburg leg of Sneaker Exchange, Sphaka¬†sneaked in and got to have a chat with some of SA’s celebrity sneakerheads. He found himself in an almost disastrous situation with Moozlie hilariously trying to burn his face off. Nevertheless, Sphaka spoke to Tshego Koke, Smash Afrika, Gemini Major and Shamiso who were all in attendance at the energy filled Sneaker Exchange held at 1Fox Junction, Downtown Johannesburg.

Before Sphaka made a successful exit, he got into a sticky situation with the security. Check Episode 6 of #GateCrash

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