Sphaka Gate Crashes AKA’s Cruz Vodka Watermelon Launch – Episode 3 of #GateCrash with Sphaka
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Kiernan Forbes famously known as AKA, The SupaMega launched a lucrative and groundbreaking partnership with Cruz Vodka recently at the exclusive press conference in Bryanston, Joburg. Following the successful signing of his multi-million rand ambassador deal with the vodka brand in 2016, today Africa’s biggest Star has collaborated with Cruz Vodka to create the much-anticipated limited edition Cruz Watermelon Vodka. Sphaka heard about the event and made an appearance by force, he caught up with the likes of Tshepi Vundla, DJ Sandiso, Tessa Twala, Da L.E.S, Heavy K, K Naomi and the man of the hour, AKA. Watch this video for the whole story!

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