#SneakerHeat Episode 2 – Magents SA
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We all know by now that Hip Hop is synonymous with sneakers and lavish fashion. For the longest time, our Hip Hop identity has not been true to Africa. This has been Magents vision and mission from the beginning. While we were at Sneaker Exchange JHB a month ago, we caught up with Street Wear veteran brand Magents.

The brand Magents has stood the test of time by being the oldest streetwear brand in Africa. This is a testament to their design brilliance and their ability to capture the African spirit in their fashion. The brand believes in African excellence and brilliance. This is a good time to be African according to them. We certainly agree with that statement.

We spoke to DD and Tay Tay who are head designers at Magennts about their recent collaboration. The brand has recently collaborated with Reason for his forthcoming album and his new single both titled ‘Azania’. The sneaker is cleverly named ‘The Azania Wrapper‘. The guys speak more about the collaboration details and the design process.

We would like to believe that this collaboration is very fitting for both brands. It is quite refreshing to see South African brands and personalities endorse each other. This may not be a major sneaker deal for Reason, but it is an opportunity to make his brand tangible. It has been said that consumers now seek quality and tangibility, this collaboration will certainly offer that. The inverse can be said for Magents. The brands needs a younger market and Reason has that. We are quite thrilled to have spoken to the designers. They let us in on how technology and ergonomics have played a role.

Check it out the interview with Magents here on Zkhiphani.com. Be sure to look out for more on #SneakerHeat.

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