Shane Eagle Chats Latest Project, “Xenergy: The Final Saga” & Creating A World With His Visuals
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Shane Eagle is one of the most consistent artists in South Africa. The Yellow hit maker and award winning rapper recently release Xenergy: The Final Saga. This is a series of performances of songs carefully curated from his critically acclaimed 2019 mixtape, Dark Moon Flower. Shane Eagle decided to release the 7 track offering as a substitute for what would have been the Dark Moon Flower Tour.

He explained to us exactly what Xenergy means and why it was important to release this project now. He also touches on what inspired the visuals for this project, seeing that he has a knack of creating a fantastical world for his fans.

I always have to go deeper into the world that we created, you know, when we dropped Yellow. I had done Yellowverse, which was like a visual album also butt different. This one is a little bit different because it’s a performance. We always kind of, try and tap into the essence of what the project meant.” Adding that with this particular project, it was more of a team effort because he felt like he didn’t need to sacrifice quality just because we are in a pandemic.

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