Saudi On Why “Senoane Mixtape” Never Came Out & Finally Being Independent
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Saudi recently left Ambitiouz Entertainment and in this conversation we had with him, we chat about the music he lost last year and what prompted his decision to go independent

We recently sat down with music artist and producer, Saudi who had a chat with us about why his mixtape Senaone mixtape never came out. The project was slated to drop in 2019 and it was expected to be the body of work that would officially introduce him to his fans. Explaining why the project didn’t drop, he says:

“My music was leaked in December, that’s what happened to me. So I had a complete batch of music that was actually leaked by numerous hackers… so when they put the music out, instead of wasting this music how about I package the songs that I really like and believe in from the ones that were leaked.”

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This is how we imagine The Drip’s Leak mixtape, a mixture of old and new songs Saudi released early this year, came about.

Saudi assures us that Senaone Mixtape is definitely in the cards to drop later on in the year so is his long awaited sophomore album, Japan 4.

In March 2020, Saudi took to social media to clarify that he is no longer with the label after his contract ended in January 2020.

“It has come to my attention and those around me that there is a great misunderstanding as to where I stand with my former label and management, Ambitiouz Entertainment. I am no longer on their roster or in any kind of business or association with the label.”

He touches on what made it challenging to stay part of the label, emphasising that he had to stand on his own two feet if he ever wanted to reach the dream of being the best rapper alive.

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