Ricky Tyler Shares The Lessons He Has Learned While Making His Debut Album, “Small World”
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Ricky Tyler describes being a lot more aware of his impact on others while while making his album

Presenting a body of work is a fantastic feat for an artist. This is where they introduce themselves to their listener and in so doing, show us the range of their artistic talents. Ricky Tyler recently released his debut album, Small World via Def Jam Africa. This has proven to be an affirming body of work for him.

Small World is described as containing “some smooth yet intense authentic and emotive songs.” On the album, Ricky Tyer digs deep and expresses life experiences from discovering oneself, mental health, relationships and family life which we can all relate to. In a recent interview with him, Ricky shared some of the lessons that he has learned from making the album.

“I would say some of the more personal lessons I’ve learned making this album is that I learned that being vulnerable is very much a strength in itself.” He adds that he learned to be a lot more comfortable with who he is and taking time to address some of his deep seated anxieties and insecurities. “I’ve become a lot more brave and a lot more confident with myself, content and patient with who I am. And also just the effect that I have on other people and their lives.”

With this insight, he gives us a snapshot of what he would like to achieve with earning music accolades and awards being one of them. “I want to do a lot of travelling and hopefully get a whole bunch of international features,” he says. With dreams as big as these, the sky is indeed the limit for Ricky Tyler.

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