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This time around, Zkhiphani Style caught up with the beautiful and talented singer, Reabetswe Fila Ranamane. Not only is she a fantastic musician but she is also a major upcoming influencer in the fashion space. The 24-year-old artist considers her style and personality to be a culmination of a variety of different influences. She draws particular inspiration from her mother’s fashion sense highlighting her love and appreciation for the manner in which she expressed herself and identity through her style. Like an heirloom, she feels that fashion is a beautiful way for generations to reconnect and stay connected.

Image Source: @filah_lah_lah

Fila’s style is also very much influenced by her love for music adding that it is just as personal as style in the way it communicates how one feels, who they are and what their mood is like. Fila prides herself in her individualistic nature as she considers herself an anti-trend follower. She feels the things that make us different are the ones that bring out our strengths the most. As a key takeaway, style is all about embracing more of who you are as opposed to following the crowd. It is no wonder Fila’s followers love her so much.

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