Phantom Steeze RevealsThe Hardest Thing About His Transition From Dancer To Rapper
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“I just felt that I couldn’t be a millionaire as a dancer” – Phantom Steeze

Zkhipani and Tullamore DEW have teamed up to talk to various South African artists to explore the beauty of how they have blended cultures and perspectives to create new artistic expressions.

Phantom Steeze is a powerhouse! The dancer-turned rapper has solidified his transition into music with two amazing music projects that show off his versatility and one of a kind nature. We recently had a chat to him about his shift into music. He also touches on the benefits of blending cultures and how he was able to do that within his career.

Phantom Steeze is an accomplished and well decorated choreographer whose career in the dance scene spans over a decade. He has done dance campaigns for major brands like FUBU, Coca Cola and VUZU to name a few and has also opened for international rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and local giants such as Cassper Nyovest and Khuli Chana. So it’s safe to say that he has done wuite a lot for the scene.

In our conversation with him, he explains that he feels as if he has hit the ceiling when it comes to his dance career. “As a choreographer, I’ve done a lot. I just felt like in terms of dance, I’ve reached my peak, I’ve done a lot. I’ve opened for the biggest artists, what more can I do, you know”, he explains.  With music, he felt like it was the next natural progression for him since he began making music while he was still a dancer.

His foray into music is something for the books. He dropped his 2019 EP, Birth of Chimera, an interesting Afrobeats inspired project. In 2020 he kept it local with the release of Traptsula, his fusion of Trap music, Amapiano and Kwaito inspired sounds. With both projects, he shows off his versatility and knack for musicality, proving himself worthy to be called a musician.

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