#OnTheStreets: Fans React To Cassper Nyovest’s New Single, “Good For That”
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Check out what the streets had to say about Cassper Nyovest’s newest Hip Hop single, Good For That

We took to the streets to hear what you guys think about Cassper Nyovest’s latest single, Good For That. The single was released 2 weeks ago to polarized views from fans and critics alike. And the video has been trending ever since it dropped. Some loved hearing Cassper rap again while others did not appreciate his obvious Future rip off. But it wouldn’t be a Cassper song if it didn’t divide the listeners.

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Good For That is the first single from the rapper in 2 years and announced the rapper’s return to the scene as he boldly shouts “Ke Hip Haap doggo”. In the song, he raps about his obvious appeal, how he came to save the game and well, how much money he has. Trap song with a lively beat, repetitive and ear-worm worthy hook as well as dance moves that spurred a dance challenge. Have you heard the song yet?

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Check out what the streets had to say.

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