On The Streets Ep 7| Fans React To Nota Baloyi’s Comments About Stogie T’s Rap Career
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Nota Baloyi is currently a controversial figure with regards to his comments about South African Hip Hop. The influential and sometimes contentious Deputy Chairman of RiSA has not bitten his tongue about the current state of South African Hip Hop in several interviews and social media rants. His views, gaining him a steady cult following as they agree with his analysis on the Hip Hop game.

In a more recent video, Nota took to social media to state that Stogie T has been an up and coming rapper for the last 24 years. He prefaced his thoughts by stating that he rates late rapper, Flabba, higher than Stogie T. “This guy acts like he is the greatest OG of rap. Yo dawg, you’re an up and coming rapper. Stogie T is an up and coming; he’s been up and coming for the longest dawg…. Stogie T has been an up and coming rapper longer than Nasty C has been alive”, he states.

The views on social media were split with some agreeing with the essence of his statements but not his reasoning. While others out-rightly dismissed his claims and called him a troll. We decided to hit the streets to see what your unfiltered and unbiased opinions on this matter are.

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