Nota Chats Relevance Of MTV Base Hottest MC’s List & Why A-Reece Didn’t Make The Cut This Year
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The MTV Base Hottest MC’s list is a hot topic this time of the year, as it normally is. And this year’s list is no different. After Part 1 was released and the bottom 5 was revealed, a lot of people were questioning why this list is so important because it seems to be so out of touch with the state of the Hip Hop industry.

We chat to controversial figure, Nota Baloyi on the significance of the MTV Base Hottest MC’s list. He explains that such lists are needed in Hip Hop since the genre is a competitive but also because it sets a standard for artists to measure themselves against.

Nota also explains that artists care about the list and the position they may find themselves on. “In all honesty, Hip hop is a competitive thing; everyone wants to be number one or at least everyone wants to be top 3. Some people don’t want to be number 1 because they don’t like the pressure of being number 1- you’re an incumbent and these things matter because they change public opinion, they change your purse,” he explains

He also touches on why A-Reece didn’t make the list this year, stating that his biggest competition, Nasty C did more than he did. Adding that if the only reason that A-Reece is mentioned in a conversation is in comparison to Nasty C then it works against him. Likening the rivalry that these rappers have to the Cassper Nyovest and AKA beef.

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