#News: Twitter Stands With DJ Dimplez After Alleged Rape SAGA Unfolds
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DJ Dimplez has alleged that a woman raped him and has since opened a case of rape against her

DJ Dimplez is unknowingly dismantling the stigma that surrounds male rape. This comes after private WhatsApp conversations between the DJ and an unknown mama surface online which led to DJ Dimplez reportedly opening a case of rape.

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A woman took to Instagram to share the story of how she met DJ Dimplez and how he ultimately impregnated her. In the Instagram screenshots we saw, she says that she met the DJ at a party hosted by Cassper Nyovest. She claims that Dimplez had asked her out on a number of occasions. Highlighting the fact that he was always drunk and out of control.

On one particular night after, the woman said that she and Dimplez slept together after she admittedly claimed that she realized that “he is super drunk”. Adding that he was so drunk, he couldn’t even remember his bank pin or home address. They ended up booking a room for the night at The Capital.

She claims they had sex three times that night. “I was planning on getting morning after pills but with the money shorting I couldn’t instead I tried Disprin and coke”, she writes. The DJ allegedly gave her money to buy morning after pills but she used if for transport to uber back to her place.


DJ Dimplez has now opened a case of rape at the Sandton Police Station

The woman is now pregnant and Dimplez insists that she raped him. The sex was not consensual, according to him. He went to open a case at the Sandton Police Station and she received an SMS from the SAPS at a later stage confirming the case number.

The woman sent screenshots to a social media page of a conversation between her and Dimplez on WhatsApp. Judging from the messages, he was not very happy about the pregnancy. “You decided not to get the pills. That’s the truth. Imagine bringing a child into that environment????? Hows that gonna help? We don’t even know each other’s name,” he says. He continued to state that he is broke because of the lockdown and also that he is not ready to look after a child.

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